Meet Mark Olayia

Mark Olaiya

Meet Mark Olaiya

Mark is a Certified Brian Tracy International Trainer and the Business Development Manager at Ademark Group.

He specialises in creating elite team cultures, personal excellence and maximum achievement. He is experienced on the subject of sports mindset and peak performance for athletes, coaches and club leaders in any sport. Mark has a double diploma in Business Leadership and Management with AIM Business School as well as a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science.

Mark is passionate about professional development for professional looking to get more out of their opportunities, personal development for high performance individuals and leadership. He is a contributor to many charitable organizations such as Global Care and UNHCR.

Mark helps organisations to implement proven business strategies and achieve chosen outcomes in the field of peak performance and how to develop elite team cultures.

Mark has excellent customer service and communication skills, proven by working with previous organisation such as Sony, in the business training and coaching fields and sporting markets.

Speak to Mark today to discuss how Ademark Group can improve your organisational change projects. If you are serious about peak performance and continous improvement, our suite of programs will greatly benefit you and your organisation.

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